Engineering Services

eProSys Ltd. Engineering Services

Many of our customers require full time project engineering, project management or safety professionals to be located on their site for extended durations. This is a service we offer as part of our managed services portfolio.

We support the customer as required to meet their needs and any personnel located on site continues to be supported from the office. Thus the client benefits not only from the resource on site but also from the knowledge and experience from the office. eProSys has 20+ years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Our managed services can be tailored to meet our clients’ technical, regulatory and budget requirements on a short- or a long-term basis.


We provide you with conceptual design supporting your business goals

eProSys provides you with:

  • Conceptual design and business case development
  • Robust project execution and procurement strategies ensuring a successful project
  • Solid cost estimates allowing design development during future stages of the project

Conceptual design includes:

  • Project scoping (capturing stakeholders’ requirements, business needs and company goals of the client)
  • Robustness review (ensuring that a robust basis of design builds the foundation required to deliver a successful project)
  • Key deliverables identification (including agreed and signed user requirement specification and preparing the basis of design execution)
  • Robust cost estimates (allowing you to plan your future costs at an early stage in the project)


We provide peer reviews of your process design and manufacturing steps

eProSys provides a comprehensive solution to your process design and safety review needs. This ensures the project requirements are delivered in full and in a safe manner eliminating major change during the course of the project. Process safety reviews

  • Hazard and operability studies analysis (HAZOPs)
  • Hazard analysis and critical control point programmes (HACCPs)
  • Process de-bottlenecking

eProSys follows five logical steps to provide Process Design and Safety.

  • Requirement analysis
  • Functional analysis
  • Options identification
  • Optimal decision making
  • Managing complexity


Experienced to understand what is important to our clients

We are experienced and understand what is important to our clients. We have worked in both client / stakeholders’ roles and A/E roles. This gives us the insight and expertise to deliver your project successfully. eProSys follows best practice stage-gate model. eProSys management services include:

  • Technology-transfer
  • QC methods transfer
  • SAP upgrade
  • Safety requirements

eProSys provides this flexibility with the following services:

  • Capital spend control – in line with clients’ corporate requirements and cost certainty
  • Flexible support options – full-time or part-time
  • “On call” engineering services
  • Retainer contracts to suit project demands – short notice, short duration or longer term


Experience in developing integrated schedules for complex projects

eProSys is experienced in developing integrated schedules required to support complex projects. This enables the client to monitor the true critical path of the project. Integrated schedules include:

  • A/E activities
  • Contractor activities
  • Client activities
  • Technology transfer
  • QC transfer
  • SAP updates
  • Other activities to support your project

This allows a true critical path to be identified for the entire project.



We offer Commissioning & Qualification strategies to suit your project

eProSys offers Commissioning & Qualification strategies to suit your project based on best current practice and on the experience and expertise within the company.

eProSys provides:

  • Commissioning and Qualification plans
  • Commissioning Protocol generation and execution
  • Qualification Protocol generation and execution
  • Resources to execute these strategies and protocols to deliver your project

Engineering for Asset Management & CAPEX planning

eProSys has many years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We understand the importance of manufacturing continuity to our clients and have experience of identifying asset and facility risks that can impact manufacturing continuity. We identify these risks through our facility assessment and asset management programme. Once identified, we then mitigate these risks through good CAPEX planning and other means. For more information, send your query to