Health & Safety Services

eProSys – Your Health & Safety Driving Force

eProSys is proud to offer Occupational Health & Safety services to the manufacturing, education and industrial construction sectors. Our consulting services cover design, construction and operational support, right up to corporate-level advice. Our Safety professionals have extensive experience in heavily regulated industries such as pharmaceutical, brewing, education and oil & gas. eProSys safety division is closely supported by our engineering team and vice versa. This translates into a well rounded team who are cognisant of both compliance issue and the need to minimise production downtime.


Design & Pre-Construction

eProSys offers specialist support in the area of Design Safety with a service known as “Safety through Design”. Engaging this service ensures compliance is built into your project design. We provide representation, training and risk-assessment support services to the various design disciplines as set-out by the Irish Construction Regulations.
eProSys also provides a comprehensive PSDP service which is built on years of experience holding this supervisory role.

PSDP Role:

  • Notification to authority
  • Documentation and full execution
  • Handover Safety File

Design Safety:

  • Design Risk Assessments
  • Designer Training
  • Consultation

Process Safety:


Construction Support

Whether in the boardroom or onsite, eProSys can provide highly competent Safety Professionals to support the full spectrum of project roles. We ensure our construction clients achieve legislative compliance, and conform to both client and industry best practice while onsite. Our construction services cover training support, site inspections, incident investigations, and risk assessment, along with company and field-level documentation.


PSCS Role:

  • Notification to authority
  • PSCS Lead, Role & Full execution
  • Plan, documentation and full execution

Site Inspection:

  • Audit and recommendations
  • Follow-up and improvement

Contractor Support:

  • Representation at client meetings
  • Pre qualification process
  • Safety training consultation
  • Compliance support
  • Method Statements

Operational Support

We offer support to client teams on specialised projects, training requirements, and in areas of health & safety that are sometimes outside the skillset of in-house teams. Our safety practitioners are professional and conscientious in their dealings with both staff and contractors, and bring a fresh perspective to operational matters

Risk Assessment:

  • Chemical
    • Material Assessment & Procedures
  • Ergonomic
    • Workstation risk assessments
    • Manual handling assessments
  • Machinery
    • Research equipment and setup
    • Standard Operation and Use (CE Market)
    • Prototypes (Non CE Market)
  • Workplace
    • General: Physical, biological, chemical, psychosocial etc…

Accident Investigation:

  • Enterprise risk consultation
  • Investigation, interviews, root-causes and recommendations
  • Engineering resource
  • Notification to authority

Workplace Inspections:

  • Audit inspections
  • Remedial support

Program Change:

  • Audit support
  • Gap analysis
  • Internal auditing (to known standard)
  • Development and Improvement

General Support

eProSys practitioners have vast experience consulting in health & safety within the Irish health & safety model. We work closely with the Health & Safety Authority (HSA) and the various training bodies to ensure we are abreast of legislative requirements and areas of concerns in the Irish workplace. We have the capacity to advise executive teams and company owners, and provide mid-management levels with documents and tools they need to ensure that workers are safe and healthy in their roles.

  • Training

  • Safety Statements

  • OHS Policy

  • Compliance Consultation

  • Phone Support

  • PPE Queries

  • Procurement Support

  • Fire Safety Consultation