Inspection Services

eProSys Ltd. Inspection Services

eProSys is in a position to provide full industrial inspections, both manned and unmanned. Through the use of cutting-edge drone technology, we have the ability to inspect industrial assets and deliver full engineering reports which can be used for asset integrity, asset management or general planning purposes. Our unmanned robotic inspections systems are particularly valuable in scenarios where standard methods of inspection involve hazards such as confined space entry, prolonged work at heights and exposure to chemicals.

eProSys drone operations are covered by Specific Operations Permission (SOP) from the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA). Our drone pilots are carefully selected based on industrial experience, flight experience, and IAA pilot certification as a minimum. We are also fully insured to carry out commercial drone operations nationwide.

Asset Inspections

eProSys use of drone technology combined with manned inspection methods means we can inspect all manner of industrial assets including tanks, pipe racks, roofs, and emission stacks in the minimum amount of time. Through the use of our cloud-based system and the creation of asset inventories, our clients can make informed decisions regarding performance, maintenance and replacement of assets.

Tank & Vessel Inspections

Our use of caged drone technology means that we are in the unique position of offering both internal and external inspection of tanks and vessels. Our robotic drones fitted with LED lights, HD cameras, and thermal cameras can enter a confined space and capture images which are more detailed than human eye inspection. Confined space drone inspections offer significant cost savings and result in huge safety gains each time manned entry is avoided.

CSA Inspections

Our drone applications are highly useful for civil, structural and architectural inspections. Building envelopes, bridges, roofs and structural assets can be imaged using High Definition aerial cameras and presented in comprehensive reports, or as raw data files. Detailed imagery captures defects such as hairline cracks, water damage, weed encroachment, rusting and construction flaws.

Condition Surveys

Difficult to access industrial assets can now be visually inspected for damage and general wear at a desktop. Inspections are carried out with minimum disruption to client activities, and the data collected is turned around twice as fast. The end result is a detailed engineering reports containing annotated images, 2-D maps and/or 3-D models.